5 Proven Ways to Make Good Customer Service


You probably care much in marketing since it will increase your revenue, but focus on good customer service is more valuable. Here’s why

Good customer service will not only make your customers come back buying your products, but also they will recommend your products to their family and friends.

I guess they are proud of it when telling the good story about your services. Word of mounth is organic way to increase your revenue.

Based on a research, a happy customer will tell at least 9 people on average.


What if you can’t deliver a good customer service?

A study from American Express said that 3 in 5 Americans (59%) would try a new brand or company for a better service experience.

Maybe you wonder how much money you have to spend to make a loyal customer, comparing with a new customer acquisition on average?

White House Office of Customer Affairs explain that It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one

Based on those researchs, we know doing a good customer service with your existing customers is more valuable to drive more profits than acquiring ones.

So, how to make good customer service?

These are 5 proven ways to make good customer service you should implement to your business.

Speed is good, but it is not enough for good customer service

On average articles, they told you how good speed is to make good customer service.

Speed is good, but maybe not good as you think

William J. McEwen said on the book Married to the Brand, “Speed is one factor, but it is markedly less important than having tellers who can deliver services in a friendly and competent manner.”

But wait.. In some cases, speed is the crucial part of good customer service since it can reduce uncertainty feeling.

Speed in this case is when your customers don’t need wait too long to be served.

Similarly, when you go to a restaurant, then you start ordering. When the dish you ordered is not forthcoming, the questions arise on your minds, such as:

‘why it takes so long?’

‘I don’t have much time, is it enough to wait?’

The uncertainty feeling will come naturally when we wait too long

Waiting is a boring activity. Your customers will leave you immedietly if you let them wait too long.

So, what if it has already happened?

A Study told that when the restaurant waiters bought a candy to their customers even when they were upset, amazingly tip went up.

How about the waiters gave extra candy? Tips got even bigger.

Giving your bored customers a low-cost gift can instantly make them loyal customers.

How important speed is based on what channels you use when interacting with your customers.

1) Email

A survey from Forrest found that 41% customers expect getting email answer in 6 hours, but only 36% businesses are able to reply in 6 hours

2) Social Media

A study told that 32% users expect getting answer below 30 minutes, and 42% expect getting answer in 60 minutes

3) Messaging Apps

Maybe chat or messaging app channels are the channel that need fastest response in this list, people expect to be served on 2 minutes or less.

Put Yourself in the customer’s shoes

Sometimes, you have tried hard, but they still complain. Daniel Pink know how to deal with it.

He said in the book A whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule The Future

“Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only is empathy hard to oursource and automate, but itmakes the world a better place“

Empathy in a nutshell, is when you can feel what other people feel.

These are the samples of phrase you can use when you start an emphatic conversation:

“I can understand how frustating it is when….” “I realize how complicated it is to….” “I cannot imagine how upsetting it is to…” “I know how confusing it must be when…” “I am so sorry to hear that…”

When people complain, they just want to help you fix your services, so you can do the right thing in the future. So, respect to them is the best way to make a good customer service.

But, sometimes we forget doing the right thing even before they just want to tell you the right thing.

A survey from American express that involving respondents about what phareses that make them feel disturbed.

And the winner:


Those phrases tell us that they don’t care about what problem their customers face. They have no initiative to help, and lack of emphaty.

What customers expect when they contact you is their problems is solved, that’s all, and you have to show that you really happy to help.

But sometimes, you can’t answer all of those questions.

Just give them these phrase:

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out for you…”

Although you don’t know the answer, but you can confirm that you have the initiative to find the answer.

They want to talk to a human, not a company in general

Avoid ‘we’ word, you need to make it personal by telling them your name.

A survey from Genesys, asking to more than 9000 people about what they really want when dealing with business.

The result, 40% of them said that they want better ‘human’ service

Based on that survey, basically people want to communicate with other people, not a company in general.

Personal service is about how customers feel like they are dealing with a human, not a company.

So, how to do personal support? see the sample below:

Customer: “Hi, I got a trouble when exporting the files, can you help me?”
Agent: “Hi, Tony. I can understand how frustating it is when you try to export the files from our apps. I am Rizki, i will support you to solve the problem.”

I don’t know why, when i communicate with a business, and one of the customer service agent start calling me with my name, i feel surprised.

When you remember your customer name, at least that will make your customer feel cared.

Make sure you introduce yourself, so that your customers feel dealing with a human, not a company in general.

Knowing the detail of the customers, like their names, is the important part to start a conversation, if you have their history, it should be easier, at least there is something that make the customers surprised because from many of your customers, he/she is the one of the customers you remember very well.

Wow moment happen when you offer advanced helpfulness

Many support agent only try to be ‘helpful’. It is deferent from to be ‘advanced helpfulness’.

Let me show you the diffirence between being helpful and being advanced helpfulness

Customer: “I want to return these shoes because it is too small for me.”
Most Support Agent: “Please fill the form on the link below to return your shoes.”

That’s called being helpful. To the point to the issue. No more help.

Your customers will feel just ok, no more.

A good customer service has to make the customers feel wow moment.

what is that?

When your customers say wow. as simply as that, but it is difficult than you think.

Wow moment is a condition when your customers amazed to your services.

Advanced helpfulness is one of the key to do that.

Based on above conversation, you need to improve a little bit.

Customer: “I want to return these shoes because it is too small for me.”
Most Support Agent: “Please fill the form on the link below to return your shoes.”
You: “Of course, you can fill the form on the link below. We will process your request as soon as we accept it, so that you don’t need wait too long to receive your new size shoes”

See the difference?

Advanced helpfulness can be done with simple question to yourself: what would be the next need i can help this customer with?

Low-cost gift could turn your customers into raving fans

Happy customer is the first step you need to achieve, the second step is turn them into raving fans.

As i mentioned above about a restaurant waiter giving a candy to the customer will increase tip. Similarly, it can be implemented to every business.

The idea is that if someone does something nice to us, we’ll probably do nice thing to them.

Low cost (and personal) gift will turn your customers into raving fans.

They will happy to recommend their family and friends to use or buy your products.

It seems like simple step, but it actually plays a huge role in our daily lives.


Making customers happy and delight is the main purpose of the business because they will not only continue buying our products, but also they will recommend our products to their family and friends.

Based on research, one happy customers will recommend 9 people on average.

Sometimes, a good customer service is not about how you answer all the questions correctly from the customers, but it is about how to keep a good relation with them.

Rizki Aditya

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