These SMS Reports Will Make You Think Twice NOT to Use It

SMS is maybe the most expensive channel you’ve ever heard, but these SMS Reports will make you think that SMS is worth investing in for startup or big company.

When you hear about SMS for customer support, maybe you will think twice to use it since it’s most expensive channel compared with email, social media, or instant messaging.

SMS is not a new technology. The first concept of SMS has been developed in early 1980s. Since then, SMS had a golden era in 2015 with 8.3 trillion in peak traffic.



Messaging Apps Are Eating The World, Here’s What to Do as a Business

Several years ago, you know many people saw social media as the new popular channels for customer service and marketing. Now, messaging apps are changing them. Here’s how

Back to 2010, the first messaging app that i downloaded was WhatsApp. I love to use it because of its simplicity.

Since then, many messaging apps raise with their own differentiations, like WeChat, Viber, LINE, Tango, and many more, but for me WhatsApp is like a must-have messaging app i need to install, because almost all of my friends and family are there. … 


5 Proven Ways to Make Good Customer Service

You probably care much in marketing since it will increase your revenue, but focus on good customer service is more valuable. Here’s why

Good customer service will not only make your customers come back buying your products, but also they will recommend your products to their family and friends.

I guess they are proud of it when telling the good story about your services. Word of mounth is organic way to increase your revenue. …